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822000 – Eyespray

100101[1] 822000 Steel rack in a painted version. 822000-SS Rack in stainless steel.


The new type of eyewash

  • The eyewash is activated automatically by pulling the cover and letting it fall down.
  • The shower is loaded with two spray bottles- each bottle contains a sterile 0,9% buffered sodium chloride solution.
  • The flushing time exceeds 15 min.
  • When the shower has been activated both your hands are free to keep your eyelids open while your eyes and face is flushed.
  • Requires no adjustment to the water mains, which eliminates all eventual problems with Legionella bacteria.
  • During transportation of the injured person to hospital separate spray bottles should be used.
  • Suitable applications are industries, laboratories, hospitales and all enviroments with limited access to the water mains.
  • Each bottle has an expiration date after 3 years.



Data sheet,pdf
Installation instruction, pdf